Anna Sui: For The '90s Folkloric Flapper Girly-Girl In You


For fall 2010, Anna Sui‘s vision didn’t veer from her usual comfort zone: Flrity, fun garments with a handmade vibe. Touches of embroidery, floral prints and velvet in saturated hues make Old World ideas look new and current.

This ensemble really represents the bulk of the collection: Lots of patterns, loose shapes, but girlish, and done in with optimism and coziness.

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1993.

I think the loose peasant dresses are pretty great: Pair with black tights or, as seen here, patterned ones and you’ve got an easy, pretty fall outfit.

The idea of mixing patterns always scares me, but when it looks this good, how can you resist? I think they key is fit — if the sweater were tight and pulling over an enormous rack (like mine), it wouldn’t work.

Wow. Armwarmers! And the velvet looks so plush. I love the rich, unexpected colors here.

Take me home, to the place where I belong! West Virginia, Mountain Mama… La la la, I forget the words.

Yeah yeah yeah, babydoll dresses are shapeless and unflattering, blah blah blah. I love this. LOVE IT.

Anna Sui has always created unabashedly girly things, and these tights — paired with Mary Janes, no less! — are completely classic Sui.

Kind of rock ‘n roll, kind of hippie, kind of ’70s, kind of ’90s… Totally comfy and cute.

OH HAI AGYNESS. Gonna go home and listen to some Pearl Jam?

Loving the warm color palette: No beige or muted Marc Jacobs mustard here!

There was, however, quite a bit of fur on the runway. Some traditional stoles in non-traditional colors, as well as this… er… unique… coat. Kinda looks like a dead Ewok to me.

Anna Sui loves purple. I think I had a Gunne Sax/Jessica McClintock dress like this when I was in 4th grade.

In this collection, black doesn’t mean somber…

…And grey isn’t “safe” or boring.

In fact, this kicky little black number is begging to be taken to a party.

She likes her jazz hot and her champagne cold. And served in a saucer coupe, not a flute.

Is this little dress almost too sweet? Is she going to tapdance and sing “The Good Ship Lollipop” in a minute? (I hope so!)

The textures! Everything just looks so soft and touchable. And easy to wear.

A wedding belle! The metallic boots make the frothy, lacey dress bearable.

The lady takes a bow.

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