Ashley Reese Is Now a Minor British Tabloid Celebrity

In Depth

After my colleague Ashley Reese wrote a very good blog on Monday about an insane Fashion Nova ensemble and how it could barely cover her labia, a mystery man waded into the comments to leave this atrocity of a comment. “As a short man, I wouldn’t comment on the designs of a big-and-tall store,” he wrote. “So you have big labia. Great. Keep it to yourself. D0 you want me talking about the size of my dick, big or small?”

Um, no sir.

Anyway, the dude was rightfully roasted online after the comment went viral.

That was it! Or so we thought.

When the Jezebel staff woke up today we saw that Ashley Reese and this awful commenter were featured in not one but two iconic British tabloids: The Daily Mail and The Sun. The latter is especially flattering, as it calls Reese’s article “brilliant” and refers to Jezebel as a “straight talking magazine.” We’ll take it!

Congrats to Ashley Reese on becoming a British tab celebrity! This is fitting as Reese is a well-known anglophile who stans The Skins and is our in-house Arctic Monkeys expert. I can only assume the next stop on her ride to groundbreaking British fame is either getting knighted or being yelled at by Jameela Jamil. Please call her Dame Ashley from here on out.

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