Brian Kilmeade Is a Pig

It should come as no surprise to devoted hatewatchers of Fox & Friends cohost Brian Kilmeade is kind of a pig. But when several of his piggish comments are lined up one after another — hoo boy. It’s pretty gross.

Kilmeade made headlines earlier this week by joking that the lesson of the Ray Rice elevator video (you know, the one that shows him punching his future wife in the face until she falls unconscious) is “take the stairs.” Ho ho ho! What fun we’re having with domestic violence!

That’s far from the first time Kilmeade has succeeded in being the creepy uncle of Fox News; Media Matters has compiled a pretty great highlight reel of just a few of the things he’s said to and about women over the years, along with the context in which he said those things (spoiler: the context kinda makes things worse). Not included: this segment about “Daddy approved” prom dresses wherein Kilmeade creeps on a teenager.

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