British Women Can't Find Their Vaginas on a Map

Like the cast of Orange Is the New Black before them, half of British young ladies have no idea how their vaginas work. Someone should call Sophia Burset aka Laverne Cox for her tutorial; it worked so well the first time.

According to the Telegraph, pulling from The Eve Appeal’s women’s cancer charity research, 1,000 women were surveyed. Or those between the ages of 26 and 35, only half could locate their vaginas on a drawing of a woman’s reproductive organs. But surveyed women between 66 and 75 knew exactly where their vagina was and could label all of its parts. So thirty more years and all of our body’s secrets will be revealed? Hopefully sooner because all of this confusion also means UK women between 16-25 don’t feel “well informed” about health issues like cervical cancer either.

One in five young women were unable to name a single correct symptom of any of the five gynaecological cancers, which affect the womb, cervix, ovaries, vagina and vulva.
Nearly a third of women aged 16 to 35 said they had avoided going to the doctor with gynaecological issues due to embarrassment, while one in 10 said they found it very had to talk to their GPs about these concerns.

If you can’t talk to your doctor, who are you supposed to talk to when your vagina gets finicky?

The women in the survey also weren’t that into saying the word “vagina” and prefer terms like “lady parts” or “women’s bits” instead.

Ladies, get as familiar with your vagina as you are with your cellphone. It’s for your own benefit, health-wise and sexually. How can you know if your vagina is working properly if you never get it checked out by a physician? How can you demand great sex if you can’t even point to your own clitoris?

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