Britney Spears's Father Would Very Much Like Her to Keep Paying the Bills, Just as She Has Since She Was 12

Britney Spears's Father Would Very Much Like Her to Keep Paying the Bills, Just as She Has Since She Was 12
Image:Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Britney Spears, an adult woman who cannot legally vote, marry, or drive a car due to a decade-long conservatorship, is being asked, once again, to pay for the privilege of having a seemingly alarmingly overbearing father, just as she has since she was a child star.

In new court documents, Jamie Spears, a man whose main accomplishment heretofore has been siring Britney Spears and legally obligating her to pay him millions of dollars in stud fee backpay for his “protection,” is now asking his daughter for $3 million in legal fees. These millions would go to the lawyers Jamie Spears has hired to fight his daughter’s request that he no longer be her conservator:

“In his petition, Jamie, 68, requested to continue receiving $16,000 per month for his role as co-conservator of the estate as well as $2,000 per month for an office space, equating to $288,000 for the 16-month period. He also asked that his attorneys at Freeman, Freeman & Smiley LLP and Holland & Knight receive $574,625 and $893,751, respectively.”

As Page Six points out, a portion of these fees would go to media and communications teams employed by these lawyers to battle the negative press Jamie is getting for not stepping down at his daughter’s request, despite having once been investigated for allegedly abusing her children.

And though Britney herself has admitted to feeling “embarrassed” by the recent attention her conservatorship is getting as a result of the Free Britney movement, the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, and, well, me, she is also actively suing her father for the right to choose someone who is not Jamie Spears to handle her conservatorship. It is hard to know what Britney wants, but it’s clear she doesn’t want her father. And the fact that he’s not only fighting her but using her money to fund that fight seems awfully telling about why Britney might want him out of her business, both personal and professional.

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