Cat and Brave Toddler Take on Laser Pointer in Glorious Battle


Just when you thought a cat intensely chasing a laser pointer couldn’t get anymore engrossing, along comes an adorable toddler trying to help the cat get that pesky red dot. Prepare for the implosion of the entire Internet.

We’ve long speculated here at this blog about the impending Cat Overlord battle and the various methods our feline oppressors might use to take us down. I never in my wildest dreams would have ever guessed they would indoctrinate our own offspring to join them in battles. But yes, this video clearly shows a cat training a young boy in the ancient military strategy of “chasing this crazy fucking red thing on a wall.”

I love how most of this is the cat trying to run around the excitable tot like “LOOK, YOU’RE NOT REALLY HELPING, OK? JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY ALREADY.”

The human caretaker of the cat and child posted video of the encounter to YouTube. “His name is Phineas (2.5 years), the Cat is Muon (about 1 year),” the poster explained. “Phin had never seen the pointer before, and neither had Muon….My child and cat are on the same wavelength.”

“On the same wavelength.” Thanks to the mind control/brainwashing tactics of our Cat Overlords. Fear them, everyone. Fear them.

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