Cats Wearing Couture Throw A Party In Paris


I don’t really know what this is, but if I had to guess, I’d say this is basically the fashion Why Paint Cats?. And that some Internet-savvy art director out there is thinking “Kitty Couture=Clickety Clickety!”

Fashion writer Diane Pernet, um, explains:

Documented in photography, SPHINX SKINS is a series of feline fashion portraits featuring 15-year old cat twins Terry and Lily among mechanical cat installations. The exclusive worldwide event brings together for the first time the unique mind of Europe’s leading cat photographer Geoffrey Lillemon with the fashion designer behind the creations of haute cat couture — Sofie Zwerver.

I suppose this is the Martin Margiela kitty. That human hair coat has been knocked off everywhere, hasn’t it?

Lillemon, when he isn’t being Europe’s leading cat photographer, is the founder of the site Oculart. If you Google him, you’ll find he said this about his grandmother:

I was walking down the street and at the same time I felt like my grandma was just about to die. These weird walnuts she had in the 70’s that I carry in my pocket started rattling, and a witch in Berlin that burned my heart was reaching through the full moon, stretching my ability to be comfortable. My grandma wasn’t dying, but I think that was the universe singing one of her last songs. Her name is Patricia, and I admire her the most out of anyone. She’s an eccentric old lady who owned a bookstore in Minot, North Dakota.They bought 4 million or so books from NYC in the 60’s. She never really traveled, just spent her whole life reading millions of books. Her house was an antique masterpiece – I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life. There were books in the dishwasher, plants everywhere, cats all over, gramophones, multi-textured living rooms.

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