Child Fashion Show Imagines Rock N Roll Class War In The Arctic


While the world spins around them, the precocious children in the world of modeling continue to fight for order, justice, and the right to make inexplicable vaguely rebellious hand signals.

On the way back from his business luncheon, Blaine realized with horror that he’d left his first edition hard cover copy of The 48 Laws Of Power in the bathroom at Maestro.

Esmerelda’s poncho couldn’t protect her from the impending rain of rebellion.

Lulu and Cassidy had never wandered from the polygamist collective until the day they embarked on their first soul quest.

Zeke couldn’t believe his humanities professor had refused to write him a letter of recommendation for that parliamentary clerkship. His father would be hearing about this.

Wanda and Siobhan were tired of the world judging them based on how they looked. Just because they had lots of tattoos and rode a motorcycle didn’t mean they weren’t capable of performing the duties of a Gap shopgirl. Their quest for employment continued.

Adam had difficulty not wearing his emotions on his sleeve, especially when it came to stupidity. He’d been kicked out of more than one school for mouthing off to his teacher and then launching into an overexaggerated sarcastic air-guitar concerto.

Evangeline wasn’t sure if she wanted to take karate classes or build igloos, so she combined the two into the world’s least effective martial art.

Chester knew that while his hood would protect him from the elements, the only thing that could protect him from the world’s harsh criticism was a positive attitude and some thumbs up hand gestures.

No one messed with Kirby when he flashed the pink gesture of death.


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