​Chinese Businessman Sells Peaches in Panties Because Butts


Just in time for China’s Qixi Festival, a celebration of love and romance also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, a savvy Chinese businessman has found a clever way to market and upcharge everyone’s sexy fruit: put a thong on it.

Yao Yan created Peaches in Panties, that is a box of peaches sporting custom-made lingerie underwear. BECAUSE PEACHES LOOK LIKE BUTTS, PEOPLE. Via Mirror:

He said: “They’re sweet, tasty, sexy, and funny.”
“The people who supply our pants make lingerie for some of the most exclusive designer labels in the world,” he said.
“There’s nothing tacky about them at all,” said Yao.
“Some of them are black and lacy, some are thongs. We cover all tastes and we can do special commissions too.

Apparently one client special-ordered nine peaches wearing leather chaps with studs and chains, which, come to think of it, might actually be a better gag gift than everything in a Spencer’s Gift. Oh, and by the way, the box o’ peaches is selling for £50/$84, (WHAT).

Also, what do you do with all of the left over underwear? YOU can’t put that shit on. Do you just reuse it with other fruit? Final question, why on Earth is this a THING!?

Image via @yujan’s Twitter.

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