Chris Brown Sentenced to 1000 Hours of Hard Labor

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A judge reinstated Chris Brown‘s probation today, and sentenced the singer (former singer?) to 1000 hours of labor—stuff like graffiti removal and highway work.

A prosecutor agreed Friday to withdraw a request to rescind Brown’s probation after he was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident. That hit-and-run charge was dismissed earlier.
Brown didn’t speak during Friday’s hearing, other than to agree to the deal worked out in the judge’s chambers while he waited in the courtroom.

Okey dokey. [Yahoo!]

Lindsay Lohan apparently crushed it on the set of Eastbound and Down this week.

As we reported, Lindsay is set to appear in the series finale, playing Kenny’s illegitimate daughter.

After filming, we’re told the cast and crew were so impressed by Lindsay’s performance, they gave her a standing o. We’re told the HBO show’s co-creator Jody Hill hugged it out with Linds and thanked her for taking the gig.

Post-rehab fun fact: we’re told Lindsay had a sober living coach with her the entire time she was on set.

I know all this optimism is going to burn later, but I’m enjoying it now. [TMZ]

  • Fergie has officially ferged her ferg to Mrs. Fergie Duhaferg. [TMZ]
  • Here is Pamela Anderson in a bikini. [E!]
  • Ireland Baldwin says she never wanted to be famous and she never thought of herself as a pretty girl:
  • “She thought it would be good for my confidence because I never thought of myself as a pretty girl,” she says of supermodel mom Kim Basinger‘s suggestion. Baldwin initially wanted to be a comedy writer — or avoid the spotlight altogether.
  • “I would look at [my parents] and go, ‘Jesus, how miserable is that?'” she says of growing up in a household with Basinger and dad Alec Baldwin. “I didn’t want to be followed.”
  • I am like obsessed with looking at her. [Us]
  • Matt Damon says that his whole family gets together and does “Gangnam Style” for hours on end, just galloping and galloping, away from what they cannot say. [JustJared]
  • August Schellenberg, star of Free Willy and The New World, has passed away at age 77. [E!]
  • Cops confiscated a “weed jungle” from Heidi Fleiss‘s house. [TMZ]
  • Alessandra Ambrosio dislikes posing nude, prefers overalls. [JustJared]
  • Nina Dobrev wants to open a yoga studio, because why not. [ContactMusic]
  • Here are adorable elementary school photos of Amanda Seyfriend and Lauren Conrad and their bangs. [E!]
  • Bruno Mars and Macklemore are set to perform at the VMAs. [MTV]
  • And here is a photo of Macklemore from my high school yearbook:
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