Diane Keaton On Woody Allen Abuse Allegations: 'I Believe My Friend'

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Diane Keaton has finally responded to Dylan Farrow‘s letter in The New York Times in which she publicly accused director Woody Allen of molesting her. In the letter, Farrow specifically addressed Keaton and other stars who have worked with the filmmaker. (“You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton,” Farrow’s letter stated. “Have you forgotten me?”) During an interview with The Guardian, Keaton answered some questions about the letter:

Did she resent being dragged into Dylan Farrow’s [New York Times] editorial?
“No. What are they going to do? Who else are they going to drag in? They have to drag someone in. I don’t resent it, not for a second.”
But the criticism Farrow aimed at her didn’t sting?
“Not really. That I didn’t know her? I saw her maybe three times. I didn’t know her. It’s not a bad accusation. I was never friends with Mia – I was friendly. Sort of like I’m friendly with you. I like you, I like the way you are. I like the way she is, too. She’s very charming. But I never knew her as a friend. A friend – that’s a commitment. It’s as close as you can get to family, and sometimes it’s even closer. Friendship requires a lot of time. I don’t have a lot of friends; I have acquaintances and people I think are charming, and I like to see them. I like to see Sarah Jessica Parker, I like to see Meryl Streep. I don’t know them – I mean, I made a movie with them, once, and that’s nice – but I know nothing about their lives.”
There’s something frantic and off-topic about this. I say: Dylan Farrow’s accusation is that you publicly defended someone who molested her.
Keaton’s broad smile fixes. “I have nothing to say about that. Except: I believe my friend.”

As for her feelings on Allen, she remained steadfast:

“Oh, well, yes. I love him.”
“You didn’t hesitate to say that publicly? [the interviewer asked].
“No. No. No.” She says this sweetly. “He’s the strongest person I’ve met in my life,” she adds. “He’s made of steel.”

Stephen Baldwin, the ninth best actor in Usual Suspects, was arrested in New York for driving with a suspended license. According to Page Six:

He was stopped in a 2013 gold Ford Explorer at West 156 Street and Broadway in the Sugar Hill neighborhood around 6:45 a.m., the sources said. Baldwin had an expired Texas registration and suspended license. He was driving northbound on Broadway just before cops stopped him. Baldwin spent nearly five hours cooped up at the station house before he strolled out of the command at 11:25 a.m., police sources said.

In Baldwin’s defense, dealing with the DMV is a ungodly nightmare no matter who you are or what you need to do. They should give you some kind of Pain in the Ass waiver you can use to get out of any charges stemming from shit you put off until it was too late. You can’t make a habit of it, though. You would just get the one free pass until you get your shit together. Oh my GOD, that’s a great idea. I could run for governor and win just on that platform alone. [Note to self: Launch political career. Buy some nice slacks for future press conferences.]

Adele Dazeem would love to be in the Wicked movie. Idina Menzel is busy trying to figure out why this Adele Dazeem person keeps getting courted for all the roles that would be perfect for her. Hollywood, man! [Just Jared]

Your Daily Proof That Tom Hiddleston is Literally Trying to Kill You: This rumor that he was supposed to maybe possibly play a third brother to Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock. WHATEVER, TOM. GOD. Enough already. [Enstars]

Efrem Zimbalist Jr., star of 77 Sunset Strip and The F.B.I. has died at the age of 95. [New York Times]

Mick Jagger sang Bob Dylan’s Just Like a Woman during a memorial service for L’Wren Scott on Friday. [New York Daily News]

Buzzfeed has a highly detailed account of Nebuchadnezzar’s War with Elam during the Fourth Babylonian Dynasty. [Buzzfeed]

Charlie Sheen‘s fiance Brett Rossi revealed all the details going into the planning of her wedding. The Sheen-Rossi wedding will include a group of 60 hungry wild tigers, set loose in a crowd of unsuspecting wedding goers. Whoever can climb to safety on top of a statue of Charlie Sheen and chug a Red Bull in less than 30 seconds wins a DVD set of the first season of Anger Management. The whole thing is going to be filmed for a reality show on Spike TV. I can’t wait. [US Weekly]

Sometimes I just don’t know what the hell we’re doing in this business. [Radar Online]

If anyone out there would like to buy Burt Reynolds’s house for me, I would swear a blood oath to you for the rest of my life. And my children’s lives. And their children’s lives. [Gossip Extra]

Kevin Spacey fulfilled one of Baba Vanga’s final prophecies by singing a barbershop quartet version of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. The biggest shock of the evening was when Fallon made a quirky video with a celebrity that went viral. No one predicted that.

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