Ex-'Bling Ring' Member Arrested for Allegedly Stalking, Plotting Rape of Celeb Facialist


Nicholas Prugo, one of the main members of the infamous “Bling Ring,” has been arrested and charged with stalking a celebrity facialist and attempting to hire someone to rape her. Another man, Edward Feinstein, was also arrested and released on $450,000 bail.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Prugo and Feinstein stalked Dawn DaLuise and her two daughters between December 2013 and April 2014. They also published a Craigslist ad that stated DaLuise wanted to participate in a rape fantasy. The ad included her home address, and men began showing up on DaLuise’s doorstep.

Exactly how a former teen burglar whose criminal escapades inspired a Sofia Coppola movie came to be so deeply involved with a celebrity skincare guru is a strange story in itself. In an April 2015 article from the Daily Beast, DaLuise described having met Prugo through none other than Nancy Jo “This is Alexis Calling” Sales. DaLuise ended up becoming a sort of momager to Prugo, shopping him around to production companies to pitch a reality show in which he’d teach the public how to better secure their homes to prevent robberies. “It was going to be called High End Heist,” DaLuise said. Prugo also began bringing Feinstein around to DaLuise for skincare treatments.

In August 2013, Prugo began skipping out on meetings and exhibiting increasingly difficult behavior, causing his relationship with DaLuise to dissipate. She dropped him as a client and ended his skincare services.

In December, the harassment began—and this is where the story gets really weird. First, pizzas she didn’t order were being delivered to her door, then lewd fliers bearing her name, image and private information were being scattered on the street. Then came the Craigslist ad. Shortly before these threats materialized, a man named Gabriel Suarez opened a skincare salon—called Smooth Cheeks—right next door to DaLuise’s business. Naturally, she thought the person behind the threats was her new rival, not Prugo or Feinstein. Feinstein then told DaLuise he witnessed Suarez slashing her tires.

During an investigation, Feinstein told authorities the stalking story was faked by DaLuise in an effort to get Suarez booted out and arrested. He also claimed Deluise was putting a hit on Suarez’s life. DaLuise, subsequently, was arrested and charged with trying to solicit the murder and assault of Suarez. She spent ten months in jail. In January of this year, she was acquitted of all charges.

Prugo is scheduled to be arraigned this week, while Feinstein is due on October 6. If convicted of all charges, Feinstein could face up to seven years in county jail, while Prugo could face up to 14 years in state prison due to his previous conviction. (Prugo had served one year of a two-year prison sentence in relation to the Bling Ring crimes.)

The story, if you can believe it, gets even messier. DaLuise was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in June. She filed a claim against L.A. County alleging that her complaints of rectal bleeding while in jail were ignored, and her cancer advanced further than it would have. “The miscarriage of justice is insane and overwhelming,” DaLuise told People. “My life is decimated. [Authorities] shot first and asked questions later.”

Then, lastly, there is Suarez’s story. He told People that he has also been a victim of harassment, which included his car being keyed and similar fake Craigslist listings inviting people over to his home for sex. He believes DaLuise is “dangerous” and has “dragged [his] name through the mud.”

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Image of Nicholas Prugo via AP.

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