"Fat" Ballerina Speaks Out


Last week, a NYC Ballet vet danced the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. After her performance, a lovely dance critic said she looked like she’d “eaten one sugar plum too many.”

After considerable and justified outrage, the critic — Alastair Macauley of the New York Timestried to explain why he would make such a comment: the body matters to ballet, an overweight body inhibits performance, etc. What he failed to do was explain how the ballerina, one Jenifer Ringer (who absolutely is not overweight), performed in a manner that suggested she was off her game and how that might be because of her weight.

Ringer took to the Today Show this morning to discuss the piece and her own experience with eating disorders in the ballet community.

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Fat-Ballerina Critic Tries To Elaborate, Fails

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