Fish Will Not Leave Bethenny Frankel Be 


For the second time in three weeks, a weird refusal to admit allergies exist has left Bethenny Frankel in a dangerous situation.

After being hospitalized on December 17 following an allergic reaction to soup that contained fish, Frankel found herself on an airplane where the pilot opted to turn the plane around rather than alter apparently immutable plans to serve bass.

Frankel explained in a Tweet that she tried to make sure the airline knew about the allergy beforehand.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “food hypersensitivity by inhalation” can be deadly, and commercial flights are listed as one of the main places for exposure. Who even asked for fish on an airplane? Serving stinky TV dinner fish on an airplane is at least as rude as microwaving it in the break room, and we should consider adopting regulations around unwanted fish smells in confined spaces at least as stringent as those around smoking or fucking in the airplane bathroom.

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