Following Up With The Guy Who Hoarded Thousands Of Rats


Glen was featured on the finale of last season and was revisited on last night’s episode to see how he’s been coping since 2500 uncaged rats were removed from his home. Before he received help for his hoarding, Glen had been pushed out of his home by his pets—forcing him to sleep in a chair in his shed—so that he didn’t have his hair pulled for nests or his eyeballs licked for moisture. Although his rats were a domesticated breed the amount of rats living in his home presented a health hazard-not just for Glen, but for the rats. Fighting over territory, they ended up mortally wounding each other, with some having such severe injuries that they needed to be put down. (One rat got bitten in the balls so bad, his intestines were ripped out). The Humane Society stepped in and safely removed 2500 of them (leaving two for Glen as caged pets) and since then, all but 700 have been adopted out—including by hoarder therapist Dr. Zasio (the one who looks like Tonya Harding). Glen still hasn’t repaired the extensive damage his rats had done to his house, but he’s managed to deal with his hoarding quite well by not breeding his pet rats to recreate his previous situation.

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