Frat Bros Suspended For Facebook Drug Dealing, General Fuckery


Florida International University suspended its Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity for discussing drug dealing, hazing, and teenagers’ boobs at length on the frat’s now-deleted Facebook page.

The photos were on a private page, but they became public when someone sent them to school officials, the presidents of other FIU fraternities and sororities and the Miami New Times in an email titled “fiu pikes caught hazing and more.” Memo to dicks: if you post scandalous stuff in a semi-public forum, someone will call you out, because you’re dicks.

They include posts about drug dealing (dubbed the “Pike Pharmacy”):

Lots of pro-hazing posts:

And, because no joyous frat chat could ever be complete sans shit-talking bitches, lots of photos and derogatory comments about women, including (re: a topless photo) “i think she was 17 at the time of the titi pics LOL.” and “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVEN FATTYS OUR SHIRTS!!!! THEY WEAR THEM!!!”

One member posted this stunningly astute comment on a photo of Pikes placing a pig’s head on another frat’s door knob: “Delete every pic of this i encourage fucking up all fraternities shit but never take pics or leave a pike trail”

“Leave the pic we are fucking bad ass that’s it,” another brother responded.

Ah, fratty Schadenfreude. (Frattenfreude)? One of my favorite flavors.

[Miami New Times]

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