Going Under The Knife Might Make You Look Younger, But Not Hotter


If you were in the market for a facelift in order to catch the eye of cuties at some Da Club or another, cancel your Troy/McNamara appointment. A new study that asked a group of people to evaluate plastic surgery patients before or after their procedures shows that while they’re generally thought to look around three years younger post-op, they’re not perceived as any hotter. Which, to me, doesn’t seem worth a $7,000 eyelid lift, but hey, it’s subjective, free to be you and me, etc.

Some issues one could take with the study: 50 people were asked to rank the attractiveness and guess the age of around the same number of patients, but only saw either the before or after photo of each person. Also, “facial plastic surgery such as face and neck lifts” — does that include rhinoplasty? Liposuction?

While one of the plastic surgeons groused that it wasn’t the final word on the effects of their practice, most of them weren’t surprised by the results — they’ve chosen their particular pitch jargon (surgery is “freshening up,” a “rejuvenation”) to avoid misleading potential patients into thinking they’ll drift into twilight sedation and awaken looking like Alessandra Ambrosio.

Does plastic surgery make you pretty? The jury’s out‘ [Reuters]

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