Goodbye (Again), Sweet Bird 


A few short weeks ago, former Rhode Island governor and failed Democratic presidential primary candidate Lincoln Chafee teased a possible Senate primary run against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. The possibilities, at the time, seemed endless. His soft gray center part on live television. His confused face turning a gentle shade of pink when asked to elaborate on his position on NAFTA. It was going to be a wonderful summer.

But evidently no one cares about what I want. A May poll commissioned by Sen. Whitehouse’s campaign showed Whitehouse with a 58-point lead over Chafee, and in a statement on Sunday, Chafee said:

“Two of my favorite sayings are, ‘Fortune favors the bold’ and “Discretion is the better part of valor.’ The latter is true as to my political plans. I will not be seeking elective office in 2018.”

Beautifully put. I am furious.

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