GWU Frats, Sorority Charged With Hazing


Following an extensive university investigation, George Washington University has charged two fraternities and one sorority with hazing and providing alcohol to minors.

Although the university will not release the details of the charges, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity have all been charged with possible violation of the student code of conduct, and if found guilty by a student panel, could be banned from next week’s Spring rush. Says the GWU Hatchet, “No punishments – including possible loss of University housing or official charters – will be determined until after Wednesday, when chapter presidents are required to determine how they want to proceed. Presidents can decide whether or not to have a full SJS hearing, or plead guilty to the charges – moving them directly to a sentencing process.”

While it’s impossible to know specifics, in the past Greek organizations have been charged for a range of offenses, and according to the Hatchet, “an administrator close to the investigations said charges were serious enough to require long-term investigations.” In recent years, like many universities, GW has taken a hard line on hazing practices. Says the Washington Post,

In 2007, the fraternity Alpha Pi Epsilon was booted off campus because of “hazing allegations so severe that the University involved the Metropolitan Police Department,” the Hatchet reported. Last year, Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was found in violation of campus rules prohibiting hazing and underage drinking, but it did not lose its charter or housing on campus.

GWU Fraternities, Sorority Charged With Hazing [Washington Post]
University Charges Three Chapters With Hazing [GW Hatchet]

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