Hell Yeah: New Santigold Song!


Santigold has not dropped a track since 2012’s Master of My Make-Believe; in the interim, she’s been touring incessantly and also having a very cute baby. As she works on her third album, she dropped a new jam to tide us over: the very lovely “Radio,” for the Paper Towns soundtrack.

It’s thrilling in that it features her signature genre-pastiche style, alluding to hulky trap synths before easing into a dancehall inspired beat signature and the Santi-perfect big hook, further proving her aptitude for pop that doesn’t hew to boring bullshit! It’s been too long without this woman, for real. Also, Master of My Make-Believe was visionary and underrated—sure it was rated well, but not enough.

“Radio” is the lead single from Paper Towns, which of course is the film that is going to propel Cara Delevingne from supermodel to superstar, lord and her publicists willing. It’s based on a book written by the Fault in Our Stars guy (you know… that guy) so surely it’s already got the juice of a million forlorn teens behind it. (Yeah, I cried during Fault in Our Stars, too, WEIRD MAKE-OUT SCENE IN ANNE FRANK’S ATTIC ASIDE.) More importantly: “Radio” is also getting a video imminently. With luck it will feature Santi as well as the requisite wistful clips from the film. Also, shout to Fault in Our Stars guy’s music supervisors—never forget the summer of “Boom Clap”!

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