Here Are Some Otters Eating Sushi From Chopsticks

Because you’ve been good, here’s a video of otters eating sushi from chopsticks. You’re welcome, world.

The asian short-clawed otters (who are named Mango and Apricot because other names were determined not to be twee enough) at the UK’s National Sea Life Center in Birmingham were, like many small, adorable creatures, unwilling to eat their fruits and veggies. Fortunately, their keeper, Rob Gaster, had been a chef earlier in his career, so he devised a solution: hide the offending greens in handmade sushi, which he feeds to the otters by hand using chopsticks. Of course it worked; the universe wouldn’t allow something that adorable to not work.

Gaster says he only does this for the otters on special occasions in order to keep the novelty of the experience. Personally I think it’s because if he did it all the time, the cuteness would be too much for reality to handle and the universe would collapse in on itself like a dying star.

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