Here Is Dov Charney's Oddly Apropos High School Yearbook Picture


As American Apparel is on the verge of collapse, this picture — from 1987 — is full of foreshadowing. Dov Charney and the words DEAD END. Yes. DEAD END! The CEO of American Apparel wasn’t always a creepy employer doing allegedly creepy things in the workplace. He was once a creepy student at a tony boarding school (Choate) doing allegedly creepy things in dorm rooms, and we’ve got inside information.

A former classmate writes:

He was known to be super creepy and often tried to “trap” girls in his dorm room. I am pretty certain that the only reason he was not a date rapist is because he wasn’t “cool” enough to get support if necessary. Also, it was in HS that he started writing about rather unusual sex and gender things. He was so creepy. And he looked exactly the same minus the facial hair.
There are no quotes or notes under his name to the right of the photos. Either he elected to leave no words behind, or, more likely, the editors put his photo in but didn’t have his notes because he was expelled. I mean, I think he was expelled, but neither i nor any classmate i’ve asked can remember for sure. There was some sort of trouble around him at some point. His yearbook photo is kind of funny — I wonder if he chose “Dead End” before or after he got in trouble. Is he referring to his own academic dead end or to that of prep schools? Or to Connecticut? Or to the top-echelon Choate girls who wouldn’t give him attention? (For which I’d be thankful, personally, but i’m guessing he didn’t see it that way). Or to traditional trade practices? Ah, so many questions, Dov. So many questions.
What I remember (but haven’t confirmed) is that Dov was roommates with a guy named Carlos. Dov accused Carlos of jerking off into his hot chocolate, but Dov had actually done it himself to frame him.
Now, that hot chocolate thing happened. I am 90% positive. Someone told Gawker that Dov had “pooped” in his cereal to frame his roommate, but as far as I know, it was ejaculate. This is priceless: Hmmm, was it ejaculate or feces for which he was infamous?
Also, I saw Dov’s report card page — it was circulated around blogs a couple years ago. The teacher was [name redacted]. I had to laugh at his glowing report, because [that teacher] was the fucking football coach who only taught history because he had to have an academic position. [That teacher] was a misogynistic motherfucker who didn’t know his ass from Dov’s face. While I know Dov was/is quite smart in an academic sense, it’s rich that [that teacher’s] report is the one to confirm Charney’s intelligence to the interwebs. Perfect. What a bunch of chumps.

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