Here's How to Tell Your Co-Workers That They're Smelly, Annoying Asses


I work remotely but I still sometimes have altercations with my co-workers. Last week I had a particularly nasty argument with a co-worker about the sexual virility of Burt Reynolds, and just yesterday another colleague (also nameless) invited me to “shut my goddamn face.” I want to retaliate, but how?

Enter Leak, a new service that allows you to send anonymous emails to your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers letting them know exactly what kinds of problems their personality is causing you. The Leak rules say that you should only use anonymous email for good, but who would ever do that? If I’m going to compliment someone, I’m going to accept the good feelings that brings with it! If some real talk is needed, however, you bet your ass I’m going to use an anonymous email service to tell Erin Gloria Ryan that she needs to stop sending me pictures of clowns during work hours. That is harassment, MoGlo, and I don’t have to take it.

The International Business Times states that the idea is good but that there are still some kinks to work out (mail getting sent directly to the spam folder, mainly) before the service really takes off, but I tried the service myself (I sent a nice note to my partner from “someone” telling him I have a crush on him and like to watch him while he sleeps) and while he hasn’t mentioned it to me, another email was much more successful, prompting EGR to send me a message that simply read “MARK YOU BUTT.” I’m a believer.

Image via Leak

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