Hypothetically, Hillary Clinton Is For Sure Running for President


Speaking at a women’s lecture series in Toronto, noted HGTV enthusiast Hillary Clinton dropped a bombshell. An atomic bombshell. No, fuck that — she terraformed the political landscape with a new and shocking statement. Clinton told the unsuspecting crowd that she’d like to see a woman become president of the United States in her lifetime — wink, wink — because it seems like the time for a female president is now.

Specifically, Clinton told the audience in Toronto, “Let me say this, hypothetically speaking. I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime.” She cited Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel as women who’ve broken the gender barrier in national leadership, something the U.S. hasn’t done in its relatively short lifespan. She added, “I think it would send exactly the right historic signal to girls and women, as well as boys and men.”

This might be our final clue that Hillary Clinton is probably going to run for president in 2016, though speaking in hypotheticals hypothetically leaves her a way out if she decides that running America is really a shitty job, and, anyway, semi-retirement from public life is pretty fun. Of course, making history by becoming the first woman to be elected president would be pretty awesome, too, so it seems like Clinton has a pretty tough decision to make, unless she’s already made it and is totally just fucking with all of us for her own personal amusement. You can only watch so many episodes of Curb Appeal before you need to seek out new hobbies.

[AP via Christian Science Monitor]

Image via Getty, Scott Olson

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