Jennifer Garner Just Thinks It's Nice She Can Still Feel Anything Inside

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Jennifer Garner Just Thinks It's Nice She Can Still Feel Anything Inside
Screenshot:Instagram/Jennifer Garner

I watched a bird devour a cockroach carcass on Sunset Boulevard the other day. I was stunned into silence, my heart feeling something it hasn’t known in some time. Was it love? Was it wonder? Was it… happiness? Unclear, but it’s the same feeling I saw in Jennifer Garner’s face as she sobbed into her Dunder Mifflin t-shirt on Instagram on Monday.

As the story goes, Garner has been watching The Office with her children. One episode a day, she told viewers on Instagram, in a slo-mo video documenting her “big cry” after the finale. “It’s just nice to know you can still just… feel so much passion about something.”

My therapist wants me to try out “letting people have their things,” so I will keep my thoughts about The Office—or Garner’s prominent Dunder Mifflin wall art—to myself. Besides, I’m more curious if Ben Affleck was allowed to partake in the viewing experience, or if the kids were instructed to disconnect the Netflix every time they bopped on over to kick it with dad and Ana De Armas’s various publicists.

HI SISTERS! Hi sisters. Hi! Sisters. Hi, sisters? Hi sisters… high … sis… ters? Are we high, sisters? I’m trying to say hi, sisters. HI! SISTERS! Hi sisters. Can you hear me, sisters? I’m outside, trying to say hi. HI! HI! HI SISTERS!

Sonja got a haircut.

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