Kell On Earth: Idiot Interns, Idiot Journalists


Last night’s episode of Kell on Earth demonstrated that lack of common sense is actually very common within the fashion/publicity industry, from incompetent interns to Vanity Fair‘s George Wayne, who took an “energy crystal” from Kelly… which he then swallowed.

Kelly, it turns out, is kind of witchy, in that she believes in “good energy,” burning sage, and crystals. Taking some of the Swarovski crystals from the set of a fashion show she was producing, she met up with friends and press prior to the event at a bar, and handed some of the crystals out. Vanity Fair writer George Wayne—not missing a beat—swallowed the crystal, thinking he was given some kind of party drug.

One of Kelly’s more important clients, couturier Chado Ralph Rucci—who came off as a whiny baby bitch—fired Kelly after he didn’t land the cover of WWD (despite the fact that he threw a fit and had the press kicked out before the show).

Adding to the stress of fashion week were Kelly’s interns, and the employee who didn’t train them properly. The fact that Kelly was fired by a huge client over what seemed like an arbitrary reason puts her anger over the shitty job the interns were doing on gift bags into perspective.

I mean, seriously. “Fincial District”!? Kelly’s pipe dream of charging interns to learn about her industry, rather than training them for free makes a lot of sense.

But at the end of the (stressful and long) day, she admits that she likes working with young people, and actually cares about them.

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