King Of Shade: Obama Has Better Things To Do Than Watch The GOP Debate


President Barack Obama, the highest-ranking politician in all of American politics, is not planning to watch the second Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night because “he has better things to do.”

In a press conference, press secretary Josh Earnest said that he is still a “keenly interested observer,” and it is “apparent he is following the race.”

When it comes to the primary debates, Obama is a shameless second-semester senior. Before the first debate in August, he sent an email to Democratic Party members urging them to tune in:

“Listen carefully to what the Republican candidates for president say, and then hold them accountable for trying to undo all of the hard work we’ve done to move this country forward,” he wrote. “I can’t overstate what an important difference you can make by doing this.”

But then he didn’t even watch them! And neither did Earnest who meant to but fell asleep! Who is running this country?! Me for my entire academic career?!

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