Lindsay Gets A New Lawyer, But Will Be Going To Jail; Paris Caught With Pot

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  • Lindsay Lohan has hired famed attorney Robert Shapiro to represent her, but it doesn’t look like Shapiro is interested in getting Lohan out of her jail time:

“I have agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition that she complies with all the terms of her probation,” he claims, “including a requirement of jail time that was imposed by Judge Marsha Revel.” [TMZ]

  • Robert Shapiro may be sympathetic to Lohan due to the fact that he lost his own son to drug addiction: “Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with. Hopefully, I can be of assistance to Ms. Lohan and Judge Revel in implementing a treatment approach recommended by medical professionals for Ms. Lohan’s long term recovery and sobriety.” [USWeekly]
  • Deputy Kathy Roberts tells USWeekly, however, that Shapiro has not yet been recognized by the court as Lohan’s new lawyer: “The court has received no notification of any change of counsel status on the part of Ms. Lohan. We haven’t heard anything about any documents being filed. We haven’t received any documents. Whatever [Shapiro] is saying, it’s unrelated to the courts at this time.” [USWeekly]
  • Samantha Ronson has visited Lohan twice since she checked into the Pickford Lofts sober living home last week, and naturally the Daily Mail thinks this proves “that pair really are reconciled after a messy break-up.” [DailyMail]
  • People, however, has a different take, as a source tells the magazine that “Sam wanted to distance herself from Lindsay when they split up. But Sam never stopped caring. She genuinely cares about Lindsay and just wants to see her get better…She gets it, she knows what Lindsay is going through and she knows she needs good people around her helping her down the right path.” [People]
  • A source tells Page Six that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were reportedly paid $100,000 for their recent USWeekly cover story, though a rep from the magazine claims “We were approached by Bristol and Levi to break the news, and we didn’t pay $100,000.” Palin also reportedly hid her engagement from People magazine, hiding her hand in her pocket during a People photo shoot and only giving vague statements on her relationship with Johnston. [USWeekly]
  • Kathy Griffin says she’s not surprised that Levi Johnston reunited with Bristol Palin: “”He spoke very highly of her, he always did, and I think he was in love with her the whole time — as he should be.” [Insider]
  • “There’s so many tools we have now in the toolshed and it’s just a matter of individual choice of how we use these tools. I frankly think that special effects are becoming too special. There are too many special effects in all these movies today. It means that the movie starts on a special effect, ends on a bigger special effect, and the middle is the same special effect.”-Steven Spielberg [DailyExpress]
  • Amerie has changed the spelling of her name to Ameriie: “”I operate on vibes and intuition, and I believe everything is energy; the vibration of the double I is right for me. Slightly different spelling, completely same pronunciation!” [JustJared]
  • Mel Gibson’s church: on high alert. [TMZ]
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, Nick Cannon insists that his wife, Mariah Carey is not pregnant: “Mariah is not pregnant. The timing has to be right. But I can’t wait to be a dad!” [ContactMusic]
  • Despite a number of positive letters written on his behalf from the likes of Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes lost his appeal to overturn the three-year prison sentence he received in 2008 for tax evasion. [DailyMail]
  • Miami cops have already stated that they’ll enforce the law if Enrique Iglesias actually water-skiis down the Miami coast naked, as he claimed he would if Spain won the World Cup. Iglesias doesn’t seem threatened by the cops, however, claiming he’ll just do it “late at night.” [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt says she no longer weighs herself: “I don’t have scales any more and I don’t weigh myself. I would urge women everywhere to throw out their scales. Even when I go to the doctor’s office I’m like, ‘Don’t tell me’. Just write it on your chart and don’t tell me.’ It does you no good to know.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • Another day, another “secret son” of Michael Jackson. This time, it’s Donte Williams Jackson, who has been living with Jackson’s mother, Katherine, since his toddler days. [TheSun]
  • Paris Hilton was stopped by police—and later released—after it was found that she was carrying “less than a gram of marijuana” in her handbag after her private plane landed at an airport in Corsica. [ContactMusic]
  • Depending on how adventurous you are, dinner at Julia Roberts’ house might be a little much: “Julia is weird and earthy and is always trying out new things, like ostrich burgers and homemade marmalade, on her unsuspecting friends,” says a source, “Not everyone shares Julia’s taste, though. When she brought out the chocolate-covered crickets, you could hear the gasps. But she loves them! She was popping them in her mouth one after the other. A few guests cringed as Julia happily munched away.” [ContactMusic]
  • A source claims that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green “are beyond happy, and they seem so comfortable together. They decided a long time ago that they belonged with each other.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • There are reports that Take That, including Robbie Williams, will open the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. [ContactMusic]
  • Discussing the breakup of his marriage to Christina Milian on his blog, The-Dream wrote “‘I am human and people fall in and out of love all the time. This is Life. Nothing’s promised or perfect, neither am I,” and that he’s “cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming. But I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not ‘Superman’ and its okay to lose sometimes.” [DailyMail]
  • Joss Stone has been cast as Bond girl Nicole Hunter in the new James Bond video game, James Bond 007: Blood Stone. [DailyMail]
  • “I’m already starting to use anti-aging. You might as well start sooner than later because products are really amazing these days. You might as well start now, put a little lotion on rather than having to get wrinkles. I think it’s smart to start soon, really. It’s a good beauty tip. I think women get the pressure more because when men age, it’s sexy. They get to have their grey hair. When women age, it’s perceived in Hollywood that they need a lift and they need a tuck, and yadda yadda. So I think the pressure is on women but, at the same time, it depends on who you are.”-Vanessa Hudgens [ContactMusic]
  • Jessica Biel claims she went through a bit of a rebellious period in her life: “I absolutely had a mad, crazy period. Probably 16 to 22-ish, I was sneaking out of the house, getting in trouble. The thing with the US is you can’t drink until you’re 21, but everyone drinks before…Listen, I broke the rules just like everyone else does. I’m not an angel, I’m not a perfect person who doesn’t mess up, eat bad, not work out – I mean, I do all of those things. It’s just for the most part, when I’m working, I don’t feel like I have the choice.” [ShowbizSpy]
  • Kate Moss wants to go on a 6-week cruise of the coast of Africa while her basement, which was previously flooded, is refinished. Her boyfriend Jamie Hince, however, has some reservations about the trip: “Jamie is convinced the yacht will be ostentatious and a beacon for trouble; he fears they’ll get ransacked by Somali pirates,” says a source, “Kate keeps telling him to stop being ridiculous and seize the day, but the last thing Jamie wants is to be doing is stumping up a hostage fee to reclaim his girlfriend.” [Mirror]
  • George Clooney was in court yesterday to testify against three men who allegedly stole his name to start a clothing line. When asked if he knew one of the defendants, Clooney replied, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen him. So I’d like to say, hello, nice to meet you.” [NYDN]
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