Looks Like ​We're Getting a Female Superhero TV Show. Finally.

Okay folks. Marvel’s superhero/unlikely heroes movie game on point. DC has taken their dark-ish reboot game to television with shows like Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine. And while we all await the announcement of a super heroine movie, DC has just announced that their next TV adaptation of a comic book will be Supergirl. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

The show is in early development—our friends at io9 have reported that Michael Green (producer on Heroes, Smallville, and more recently Gotham) is attached the project as a writer, and Deadline adds that it will be produced by Greg Berlanto (executive producer of Arrow and The Flash) and Ali Adler, who has worked on Glee, No Ordinary Family, and co-created The New Normal is on board as co-showrunner. And apparently Geoff Johns, comic and TV writer is attached to the project as well.

As Daily Dot’s Gavia Baker-Whitelaw points out, given Adler’s presence on the show, it’s more likely to be a lighter, more teenage friendly affair, as opposed to a gritty drama. If this show actually makes it, we will most likely see at least a couple crossover cameos from Arrow and The Flash. But maybe we’ll get a little Teen Titan action? Maybe some Wonder Girl friendship? I mean, the LEAST thing they can do is give us Streaky the Supercat, Supergirl’s superpowered pet cat that sometimes wears a cape.

Either way, it’s a great move for fans of comics, comics-related TV, or just TV in general. We’ve been waiting a long time for news like this, and we’ve been hearing about how a female-centric superhero movie would be a good thing to have when the timing’s right, so it would be awesome to see a Supergirl TV show happen sooner than later. JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. JEEZ.

Aaaaand let the speculative casting begin!

Image via AP.

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