Man Charged in Connection With Mac Miller's Death

Man Charged in Connection With Mac Miller's Death

A man who allegedly sold Mac Miller fentanyl-laced drugs has been charged in connection with the rapper’s death, according to a newly-unsealed federal criminal complaint.

According to several outlets who acquired the complaint, Cameron James Pettit had agreed to supply Miller with oxycodone, cocaine and Xanax, but instead gave him fake oxycodone that contained fentanyl—a synthetic opiate that’s 50 times more powerful than heroin. Two days after obtaining the drugs, Miller was found dead.

Though the complaint says that Miller had also reached out to someone else, a madam from whom he’d previously acquired drugs, with the same request, prosecutors believe the fatal pills came from Pettit alone. From the New York Times:

Early on Sept. 5, both parties provided Mr. Miller with blue pills that appeared to be oxycodone, among other drugs, according to the complaint. A Drug Enforcement Administration agent later determined that Mr. Miller had crushed and snorted pills from only one source.
All five pills provided by the woman were still in his possession when he died, according to Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. “They were tested and there was no fentanyl,” he said.

In text messages sent by Pettit following Miller’s death, he wrote that he was “not great,” and that, “Most likely I will die in jail.”

If convicted, Pettit could face a maximum of 20 years in prison. He’s previously served 30 days for possession of a controlled substance, and another 30 days for brandishing a fake gun.

Miller was public about his struggles with substance abuse for years, and often addressed the subject in his music. Fentanyl, in particular, has been behind the deaths of several other artists, including Lil Peep, who died at 21 of an overdose of Xanax and fentanyl, as well as Prince and Tom Petty.

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