Matthew McConaughey Is Tripping Balls

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Matthew McConaughey Is Tripping Balls

It’s indisputable at this point, in light of a new interview with CNBC, that Matthew McConaughey is going to run for office. Maybe not now, maybe next week, maybe in a few years, on the condition this country even still exists by then, but this man will be seen on a debate stage, eventually. The question now is: What will his politics look like?

I think this just about sums it up: “CEOs have more power now to influence where we go and make functional changes. The private sector has incredible power to change where we go from here.” Yikes!

Speaking to CNBC about his new book Greenlights, McConaughey told the outlet that he’s focused on a “new chapter for myself,” which he “believes” is in “some sort of leadership role.” He continued: “I don’t know what that role is. I don’t know my category.” But, to McConaughey, “we need some more good leaders. And I’m not just talking about me.”

He also told the outlet:

“As humans in society, we’ve got to agree on facts again. F-A-C-T-S. We’re delusional about what facts are. We’re not even arguing from the same reality right now. If we can agree on facts, then I believe we can start building trust. Trust in facts can lead to trust in others and trust in ourselves.”

But what worries me are his thoughts on the private sector and CEOS, which, throughout the interview, he places quite a heavy emphasis on. “CEOs have more power now to influence where we go and make functional changes.” While the man hasn’t outright affiliated himself with a party of choice, I think I could make a “functional” guess which flavor of political theater he’s leaning towards.

As my bestie Ashley Reese remarked: “They’re looking for a threesome.”

Without much context for this video, I’m willing to believe her!

Man, I just love Niecy Nash.

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