New Housewives Footage Forces America To Gird Up For More Insanity


Season three of RHONJ reportedly begins filming tomorrow. This morning on Today, the ladies—sans Danielle—discussed who’s returning, and who might be added to the cast. Plus, we’ve got juicy preview clips from part two of the reunion.

According to Caroline, it’s unclear at this time whether or not Danielle is returning for season three—as has been speculated—since Bravo hasn’t made an official announcement (other than a cryptic blog posted by Danielle on the network’s website). And TMZ reported yesterday that Teresa was still in contract negotiations, asking for the twice her previous salary, in order to return for another season. For the past month, Teresa had been hinting at joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, which would have conflicted with filming Housewives, but recently announced on her Twitter account that her “first loyalty is to Bravo and RHONJ.”

What is certain is that at least one new person will be added to the cast, in order to replace Dina. Teresa told Hoda and Kathie Lee that members of her family, as well as several of her friends, have been interviewed for the spot.

The big question is whether or not Kim G. will become a permanent addition, since she shows up for part two of the reunion.

Also on next week’s reunion installment, Danielle will have to answer to her hypocrisy over her friend Danny’s use of the word “faggot,” when last year she claimed to take such offense to Teresa’s husband’s use of the term “gaylord.”

But Danielle continues to not only deny any wrongdoing whatsoever, but also defy logic, even when confronted with hard evidence, like her “text war” with Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley.

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