Now Presenting: A Lifetime Original Premiere


I think we’re all due for some long-overdue, vengeance-seeking, law-be-damned, estrogen-fueled Lifetime action. And so we bring you…the premiere of Lifetime Original Movie Patricia Cornwell‘s The Front at NYC’s Hearst Tower. (And, obviously, Judith Light was there.)

It must be asked: what the hell is happening with Judith Light’s shoe? Is it creeping away?

While it’s true that my eye doesn’t know whether to look at the shoes or the star, it’s also true that Andie MacDowell looks casually lovely and is handling the unseasonable April heat wave with aplomb.

Ashley Williams has enough color blocks here to paint an Albers. Or three!

Why does Daniel Sunjata get stuck playing the Baxter so much? He’s so suave! (Is “Baxter” actually a term in use? I mean, I know the movie sucked. But it did kind of fill a linguistic void. And Michelle Williams had a really good look.)

Patricia Cornwell is part of that generation of authors who actually had a fascinating and lurid life which sounds, yes, “straight out of one of her novels.” She also tends to dress like a particularly badass Suze Orman, which I’m very into, given her bona fides.

I’m just gonna say it: Rainey Qualley (Andie MacDowell’s daughter!) ‘s shoes remind me of melted cheese. Cold melted cheese. On old nachos. Never a good thing in a shoe. (Or, for that matter, a nacho.)

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