Out With the Old, In With the New

After over four years of running the good ship Jezebel, I’m finally hanging up my commodore’s hat (those things are hideous anyhow) — today’s my last day as Editor-in-Chief. Emma Carmichael will be taking the wheel; I hear she’s a pretty bad feminist, so I imagine things around here will continue apace.

I suspect many Gawker Media writers and editors at some point think about what sort of big insight or badass, bridge-burning statement they want to make for their final farewell post. Even if you have no intention of leaving anytime soon, there’s still a looming sense of your own blogging mortality, the awareness that a day will come when it’s your one last chance for a killer mic drop.

But I don’t have an epic farewell post (I’ve already gone down that road) because I’m not exactly leaving so much as taking a step back. I’ll be staying with Jezebel as Editor-at-Large — I’ll be less involved in the daily grind of feeding the bloggy beast, and instead I’ll be writing more and working on some other stuff ’round here. This is Emma’s party now, and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

The chance to lead this site has been amazing, plain and simple. I can’t even begin to list my favorite posts; there are just too many. Working with so many smart and talented individuals, laughing every single day, and watching readership quadruple in the process — I feel very lucky to be a part of this crazy coven, and I’m excited to see where the site goes next.

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