President Uses New Facebook Page to Claim He Was Born in Hawaii, Yeah, Sure


Someone who must really hate the president and wants every last square inch of his hair to turn gray has launched a Facebook page for him. He hopes it will be “a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country.” Barack doesn’t use the ’net much, huh.

The White House announced the new presidential Facebook presence on Twitter, because this is our reality now. The first post is President Obama strolling about in the White House’s backyard, urging us all to cut down our carbon emissions and start actually worrying about climate change, with the sunny look and loose shoulders of a man who’s gonna leave all this bullshit behind just so damn soon, good God, he can almost taste it:

Barry’s new page also makes some claims about his place of birth:

Someone better check that out. Donald? You on it? Oh, you are? Great.

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Screenshot via Facebook/POTUS

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