Quiz: Do You Have Class, Or Chutzpah?


A piece in today’s HuffPo suggests that contemporary female politicians have chutzpah rather than old-school class. Ideas of warring generalities — not to mention ethnic implications of the terms — aside, we couldn’t help but wonder: which have you got?

This concept was also inspired by the (second) oldest diametric: are you a Marilyn or a Jackie? A new book asks just that, and even provides a handy-dandy quiz to help you determine your camp. So we’ll do the same here, to help you figure out whether you’ve got Class, or just Nerve. Because everyone knows when it comes to labels, we ladies have to choose!

1. You’re given an insulting nickname. You
a) Ignore it.
b) Slyly own it.
c) Aggressively own it.

2. You’re accused of dabbling in witchcraft. You
a) Ignore it.
b) Make ironic allusion to the Devil’s Book that manages to slyly invoke your opponent.
c) Release strangely earnest ad that suggests that far from a witch, you are the everywoman.

3. The media tries to force you into a catfight. You
a) Ignore it.
b) Have lunch and pose for a photo op.
c) Insult her hair.

4. You’re caught on tape making a back-room deal. You
a) Issue a dignified statement.
b) Issue a dignified statement and produce evidence of opponent’s similar tactics.
c) Accuse opponent of wild corruption.

5. You’re accused of debasing women in a prior career. You
a) Apologize.
b) Apologize and point to your gains for women behind scenes.
c) Invoke the First Amendment.

Mostly A’s: You are one class act, lady. You also just lost anything you were running for, ever.

Mostly B’s: This was the “correct” answer. A surprising percentage of people will have landed here.

Mostly C’s: You have chutzpah! Which is, you know, something. And in the right year, might win you a seat in government office and control over people’s lives!

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