Reporter Covering Patrick Kane Rape Allegations Receives Barrage of Twitter Threats


Julie DiCaro, a former lawyer and current anchor for Chicago sports radio station 670 The Score, has been covering the rape allegations against hockey star Patrick Kane. And for that, of course, DiCaro is being punished by an angry Twitter mob. She tweeted Friday that she’s not at work after receiving a credible threat last night.

DiCaro’s Twitter mentions are currently mobbed with both supporters and detractors. We dug through them and found some aggrieved Blackhawks fans who believe she’s sided with Kane’s accuser. (Her reporting and legal analysis has actually been extremely even-handed.)

A few charming reactions:

The media circus around the case is, politely, developing into an absolute three-ring flaming shitshow. In the latest bizarre development, the accuser’s mother said that a rape kit an evidence bag believed to have once held a rape kit was found on her door, ripped and bearing her daughter’s name. The Erie County Commissioner of Central Police has denied that happened. Last night, the accuser’s attorney resigned from the case, saying that while he still believes the woman’s story regarding the rape allegation, he felt the circumstances surrounding how the kit was discovered were “misrepresented” to him.

While DiCaro isn’t at work, she’s still covering the story, and remains one of the best source for breaking news about the case.

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DiCaro discussing the Kane case. Screengrab via WGN TV

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