Schiaparelli Served a Line of Feminist- and Food-Inspired Farm-to-Gown Couture


The Paris Spring 2016 Couture shows have kicked off with a bang (what, you couldn’t hear the rodeo cannon announcing it from where you’re sitting?) and as yet the most playful comes, unsurprisingly, from the House of Schiaparelli. Inspired in part by feminist artist Louise Bourgeois, creative director Bertrand Guyon festooned romantically draped gowns with delicious prints of radishes, gourds, caviar and sushi, plus a few Bourgeois-style teapot embellishments for good measure. Above, some roe in the half shell, a tuna sushi, shrimp and lime to season.

Berries on the Vine

Silk, shirring, white wine chiffon reduction

Whipped Mint Sorbet

Fresh citrus salad

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Shellfish, conch, lavender infusion

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Images via AP

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