Sean Spicer Was NOT Hiding in the Bushes, Okay???


Winnie the Pooh but with pants on Sean Spicer is back with a book to promote. His memoir, The Briefing, covers his sixth-month stint as Trump’s press secretary and his years working for the RNC before that. Sounds mostly boring, but Spicey’s gonna spice, I guess.

Spicer talks about the book in a new interview with Rolling Stone’s Tessa Stuart, published Thursday, along with a bunch of other pressing topics, like whether or not he is more regret than man at this point and why he loves bushes so much. Below are some of the highlights.

Does Sean Spicer regret anything?

Oh, fuck yeah! Absolutely!

How does it feel to fuck up so repeatedly and publicly?



And as for the whole hiding in the bushes thing, Spicer insists he did no such thing.

At the end of the White House driveway there’s a place where all the media does their live hits. Everybody’s got a little space – NBC, CBS, FOX, Sinclair. Every single reporter that’s reporting live from the White House, they’re within five feet of where I stood. There is literally video and pictures of me standing in the middle of the White House driveway. That’s where I was. And there is no question. I was as close to a bush as any other reporter that night.

Fake news! Etc.

Regency Publishing will release The Briefing on July 24. Thank god I can’t read.

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