Sleazy Men Use Secret-Sharing Apps to Solicit Nudes From Teens

Now that “the fappening” is dying down, what’s next for the most unsavory men on the Internet? Perhaps it will be trawling Whisper under the cover of soliciting for an escort or modeling service!

That’s according to BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel, who stuck his head into the AnonIB’s /stol message board (the sort of Internet watering hole where dudes trade phishing and solicitation strategies) and reported back:

A /stol post from this past Saturday suggests that AnonIB users are posing as owners of escort services to entice women (many of whom they claim to be under age) to share nude pictures. “Anon, have you fished for images on Whisper? There are all sorts of opportunities there for girls who share their pics without second thought. I’ve gotten some nudes from some young teens, and have actually had a couple of hook-ups with hot girls as well,” it reads.

Another chap explained that he generally tells women he was recruiting for an escort service, and provided guidance for others: “Give an ‘interview,’ tell them how much the ‘agency’ pays if they get hired, ask for pics and arrange a meeting/audition. Lots of girls seem to need money to feed their addictions I guess. General tip is just be friendly and not too pushy.”

Just be friendly. Not too pushy.

Photo via Gajus/Shutterstock.

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