Texas Loves Teens, Cali Wants Asians: What's Your State's Fave Porn?


Can you judge a state by its PornHub keyword searches? Sure. Why not. And guess what? Right now you’re probably surrounded by people into MILF massage.

As the Daily Dot reports, last week, PornHub released some data regarding keyword searches in each American state. Texans are into teens. Kentucky digs hentai. Georgia gets off on ebony. New Yorkers rub one out after searching “college.” In self-obsessed Hawaii, “Hawaii” is one of the top search terms. West Virginia likes MILFs, creampies and BBW. California’s top three searches are Asian, teen and massage, which seems fitting when you think about Los Angeles as a chilled out, youth-obsessed pseudo-Zen town.

One state on the list that really stands out? Wyoming. “Smoking” is the top search. Even though they’re disgusting and deadly, cigarettes can look pretty sexy — they direct focus to the lips, and smoke is intensely sensual and cinematic. But usually porn is all about watching someone putting something (or someone?) else in their mouths. Wyoming also has “brcc” in the top three searches, and because of that, today is the day that I learned about “backroom casting couch” porn.

You can see the top three search terms, state by state, here, but the overall message you’ll come (heh) away with is this: Everyone wants to see creampies.

[Daily Dot, Reddit, (data viz here)]

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