The 25 Faces Of James Franco


The winners of last night’s Academy Awards were perhaps the most predictable in the ceremony’s history. So it seemed as though the only element of surprise—or entertainment at all—came from James Franco‘s ever-changing facial expressions.

1.) “I can turn anything into performance art” Face

2.) “Except for maybe this” Face

3.) Getting Nervous Face

4.) Scaredy Farts Face

5.) What’s That Smell Face

6.) Tinkle Face

7.) “Over here” Face

8.) Over It Face

9.) O Face

10.) “Doing math in my head” Face

11.) Friends in the Balcony Face

12.) Enemies in the Balcony Face

13.) Marilyn Face

14.) De Niro Face

15.) Stoned Face

16.) Stoned Face

17.) Trying Not to Laugh Face

18.) What What Face

19.) “Wait…What?” Face

20.) Haaaaaay Face

21.) Serious Time Face

22.) “Did you know I met Oprah?” Face

23.) Tasting Face Face

24.) General Hospital LOL Face

25.) Pulled It Off Face

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