The Book of Jezebel Countdown Has Officially Begun


Two months, folks.

That’s right: Exactly two months from now, on October 22, the first official Jezebel book will be released onto the shelves of beloved booksellers and e-commerce distribution centers nationwide. For those unfamiliar with the endeavor, our 288-page project is called “The Book of Jezebel,” and, as its subtitle suggests, it is an illustrated encyclopedia of the world as seen through the sensibility of the site, i.e. its editors, writers and readers.

There’s some great stuff inside: Sharp, opinionated and hilarious contributions from friends old and new; much caterwauling about the patriarchy; lovingly-rendered drawings of everything from female astronauts and types of acne to an illustrated taxonomy of the Crazy Cat Lady.

Also, there is an entry about Scott Baio.

You can pre-order the book — you should pre-order the book! —here, here, or here. You can also follow the book’s rollout on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or this lovely website, which will soon have information on author appearances. (New York, October 24: Jessica, Anna, Dodai, & Tracie, with special guest Lizzie Skurnick. Seattle: November 7: Anna & Lindy. And that’s just a sampling.) Itching for an event in your city? Say so in the comments, and we’ll try to make something happen.

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