The Remake Parade Continues Apace

The Remake Parade Continues Apace
Image:Amy Sussman (AP)

I have an idea for a movie. It’s a little unorthodox, but you guys are so open-minded and forward-thinking that I think you’ll really get it.

Okay so check this out: Zorro, right? Classic. Hot men have been playing Zorro for the last hundred years, but this time, we want to do something a little different. Ready? In our version, Zorro is…a woman.

Thank you, thank you. I know the idea of gender flipping a story that’s been told over and over already is something that’s really never been done before, but I just really think now is the right time for this one. This year has been so unique and special, I just want to make a really cool, high-concept movie that reflects the times, you know?

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