The Supreme Court Is Threatening Your Life

This unelected coalition of rightwing reactionaries showed their commitment today to a criminal legal system that will only further endanger us.

The Supreme Court Is Threatening Your Life
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Associate Justice Stephen Breyer is not an interesting writer, but sometimes plain language can be the most affecting. In his dissent in the case New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. Bruen released Thursday morning, the longest tenured liberal of this sham court spells out the dangers guns have brought on America. Just over 45,000 Americans were killed by firearms in 2020; we have the most guns per capita of any country; and a majority of gun deaths are suicides.

This is the world we exist in. There is gun violence and gun deaths every day. Sadly, with Thursday’s decision, it’s also obvious that the supermajority of conservative ghouls on the Supreme Court simply refuse to believe the world as it is.

Instead, this loose coalition of rightwing reactionaries who band together when it’s convenient—and publicly shit-talk each other when it’s not—showed their commitment to a criminal legal system that will only further endanger us. They are committed to our deaths.

In addition to striking down a sensible gun control measure that kept more guns out of the country’s densest city, the court lessened the protection guaranteed by Miranda rights. Miranda was a case that established our right to an attorney (popularizing it is probably the best thing Law & Order: SVU and Jay-Z ever did) back in the late 1960s. Since then, cops have been required to read you your rights and you are allowed to invoke them. If a cop failed to do so, you could at least seek legal recourse after.

Not anymore, babe! In a 6-3 decision, the court shielded police from legal action if they simply fail to read the accused their Miranda rights. The dissenting liberals warn us that this decision could allow cops to use coercive tactics against the accused.

It’s fine to give the state leeway when it’s cops attempting to get a confession quicker, just not when the state wants to keep concealed-carry permits to a minimum.

The Supreme Court is committed to a model of incarceration and justice that will kill us. Add more guns? We’re going to have gun violence. Allow cops to have wider jurisdiction over how they treat the accused and brush off the legal consequences? People caught up in the system will suffer.

No wonder public confidence in the Supreme Court has sunk to a historic low.

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