​The Womansplainer Will Google Feminism for Clueless Dudes (For a Fee)

One of the most annoying parts about talking any aspect of feminism including but not limited to rape culture and misogyny is the inevitable onslaught of skeptics (mostly dudes) who are indignant at such accusations and in need of an explanation. Well buddy who does not appear to understand how Google works, I’m not going to explain that shit. But this genius lady will for twenty bucks.

Enter The Womansplainer: a goddess-send of a service brought to you by Elizabeth Simins an artist who makes comics and zines among other things. Her service is simple: “Consulting for men who have better things to do than educate themselves about feminism.” You can either pay $20 to have her google something for you, $50 to chat with her publicly on twitter about a question, and $100 to chat publicly for a longer period of time.

Clients can choose from a list of questions including:

  • Why is it “feminism” and not “humanism”/”equalism”?
  • Why isn’t misandry hate speech? / Why isn’t reverse racism real?
  • What about male victims of domestic violence/sexual assault/etc?
  • What is intersectional feminism? What does “cis” mean?
  • Do feminists hate sex/humor/fun?
  • Are all feminists lesbians?
  • When is a rape joke okay? Stop censoring my edgy humor!
  • Aren’t you worried about alienating potential allies?
  • Give me some examples of how women aren’t treated equally.
  • Explain rape culture /the patriarchy / what “systemic” means.

According to On the Media, she has stated that the joke is meant to point out that it’s “not okay for men on the internet to demand that women use their time to explain things to men for free.” Simins is a genius. Like “Let Me Poop“-level genius.

Image via LMGTFY.

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