There's Now a Dating Site for Gluten-Free Singles. Of Course.


If you don’t want someone sticking their gluten-filled d into your gluten-free v, then this is the dating site for you! (I apologize for that sentence, but you can use this for free: Pasta-Free Poon Seeks Bread-Avoiding, Rice-Guzzling Babeatron.) (Sorry again.)

This is cool, I guess, but I see some issues. As someone who tried vegan dating, let me tell you, that shit is not all meatless boning. As a 27-year-old in San Francisco, I was matched with a 60-year-old in New Zealand and a 45-year-old in Alabama. Nothing doing, my friends.

The problem is, without a million people, the odds of finding a match are drastically lowered. I’m no statistician, but I’d say it’s damn near impossible to find a match if the dating pool isn’t filled to the brim with nearby single people. (Can someone check my math on that?)

But who knows — gluten-free living is very big right now, so maybe there are enough canoodling Celiacs to go around?

[Gluten-Free Singles]

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