Thieves Steal Wedding Dress, 911 Operator Saves the Day by Loaning Hers


Something nice happened! Something really actually nice happened! A woman in Kent, WA (King County! Woooooo!) discovered that her wedding dress was stolen out of the trunk of her car on her wedding day. (King County. Boooooooooo.) In tears, she called 911, and the emergency faeries connected her with precisely the operator she needed at that moment—because sometimes the universe is kind and just and beautiful after all.

The operator’s name was Candice, she was a recent bride herself, and she happened to be exactly the same size as the weeping dressless bride. Most importantly, she was the NICEST PERSON ON EARTH:

…On the other line she found a phone operator who was not only willing to lend away her own precious wedding dress to the bride-to-be, but the two women happened to be the exact same size. The operator had the dress rushed to the woman and saved the wedding day.

Then Monty from Say Yes to the Dress popped out of the dumbwaiter and told the bride she looked like a skank in that thing. (RANDY 4 LIFE.)

Now, it is slightly terrifying to think about being bullied by fate into wearing a wedding gown that some rando lady picked out—some of that shit is UGGO. Also, what if you spilled!!!!?!?!? But this is seriously the nicest thing ever. So much of the messaging we get about marriage these days is Bridezillas and bridesmaid catfights and evil monsters-in-law and blah blah blah, it’s nice to hear about a nice person doing a nice thing for nice reasons so that a nice ceremony can proceed nicely. Marriage might be vestigial, patriarchal daughter-selling ritual, but it’s also about LOVE, YOU GUYS. Love is alive and it lives in Kent, WA.

Image via Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock.

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