Usher's 5-Year-Old Son 'Laughing, Eating' After Near-Drowning

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So, so, so happy to hear this. Reports indicate that 5-year-old Usher Raymond V—who’s spent the last couple of days in the ICU after getting his arm stuck in a pool drain—is making a speedy recovery. Hopefully the custody proceedings, initiated by Usher Sr.’s ex-wife Tameka Foster (whom I totally feel for, by the way), won’t be too traumatic for the kid on top of this nearly-dying business. Ugh all around.

Usher‘s 5-year-old son is showing miraculous signs of improvement after nearly drowning in a pool the other day — in fact, we’re told he’s already sitting up in bed at the hospital, eating, laughing, and talking to people … BUT, it may be days before he’s released.

Sources close to the family tell us, Usher Raymond V is still in the ICU — where he’s being kept in a private area — he’s expected to be released in the next couple of days.

According to sources, the boy’s mother Tameka — Usher’s ex-wife — hasn’t left the hospital since the accident.

My best to everyone involved except for the pool drain, which is dead to me. [TMZ]

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