Waterbeds May Be Our Only Weapons Against Our Cat Overlords


Judging by how utterly mystified these cats are by the terrifying existence of beds that do not remain firm, humanity may not be doomed after all.

Our Cat Overlords have taken charge of trucks, learned to fight in winter, built themselves forts and creating indestructible armor. They have had the upper hand for so, so long. But perhaps we’ve overlooked something—waterbeds. As you can see in the spy footage gathered above, these cats have no defense against beds filled with their mortal enemy water. It almost makes you wonder why exactly waterbeds fell out of fashion for so long. Perhaps it was the Cat Overlords behind it all along? But now we know their dark secret and we can fight back. Now, if we could just find all those skeevy guys from 1983 who bought waterbeds and get them to supply us, we might just have a chance at fighting back.

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